Punatsangchhu-I Hydroelectric Project Authority (PHPA-I) is an autonomous body set up for implementation of 1,200 MW Punatsangchhu-I Hydroelectric Project (PHEP-I), the mutually beneficial Indo-Bhutan friendship Project. The project implementation started on November 11, 2008.

Rising at an altitude of ±7,000 masl in Gasa Dzongkhag (District) of Bhutan and fed by snow/glacial lakes from the Great Himalayan Range, the rivers Phochhu and Mochhu join at an altitude of ±1,200 masl at Punakha to form the Punatsangchhu river which flows southerly to enter the Indian plains.

Confluence of Phochhu and Mochhu river near Punakha Dzong

Confluence of Phochhu and Mochhu rivers (El. 1212.2m) near Punakha Dzong

The (1,200 MW) run-of-the-river PHEP-I in Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag in Western Bhutan is the first project of the 10,000 MW Hydro-power Development Initiative taken by the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) and the Government of India (GoI) to be achieved by 2020. Designed to generate 5,670 million units of electricity in an average year, the Project utilizes 357 m head available in about 11 km length of Punatsangchhu. The Dam site is about 7 km downstream of Wangdue Bridge and all other project components are located on the left bank of the river between 7 km and 17 km downstream of the  Wangdue Bridge.

Latest News & Events

Recitation of 100,000 Sangay Menlha (Medicinal Buddha)/Dewachen Gi Menleom (Buddha Amitabha Prayer).

The Bhutanese employees working in Punatsangchhu-I & II Hydroelectric Projects being executed in Wangdue Bhutan through the financial assistance of GoI came forward voluntarily to recite 100,000 Sangay Menlha (Medicinal Buddha) and Buddha Amitabha prayers on 06.05.2021 coinciding with the auspicious 25th Day of Third Bhutanese month.read more>>>


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament of Bhutan visited the Project site on 28.04.2021 to hold a consultative meeting and discuss the unresolved financial irregularities reported to the Parliament for the period from 2010 to 2019. The Chairperson of the PAC, Dasho Ugyen Tshering shared the mandate of the Committee and emphasized how every public servant needs to ensure that all our limited resources are well managed, minimize waste, etc. read more>>>

Recitation of  Sangay Menlha (Medicinal Buddha)/Dewachen Gi Menleom (Buddha Amitabha Prayer).


Lyonpo Loknath Sharma

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The Main Civil Works of the project has been divided into three packages: MC-1, MC-2, MC-3.