Participation of PHPA-I in the Dzongkhag’s Mass Cleaning Campaign Week

The Dzongkhag Administration of Wangduephodrang has initiated a week-long Cleaning Campaign in the Dzongkhag w.e.f. 20-27 August 2022 with an aim to keep the district clean and green. As part of the initiative, the PHPA-I also participated in the cleaning campaign during which the National Highway Road stretch from Hesothangkha, Gaselo Gewog in the North to Rurichhu, Dagar Gewog in the South were combed thoroughly for any trash that were littered alongside the roads. In addition, the overgrowths by the roadsides were also cleared along with clearance of drainages. In the process, the Environment and P&A Circles took the lead role in organizing the campaign and ensuring its smooth completion. In addition to the Highway, the 3 km access road leading to the Project Township at Bjimthangkha was also cleaned. A total of more than 250 employees led by PHPA-I Management including employees of CDCL-Tobjekha participated in the campaign. The senior officials also advocated the travellers and shops located by the roadsides about the need to maintain clean surroundings and the environment through proper management and disposal of wastes as part of the national efforts to maintain a clean and green environment. The school authority at Bjimthangkha, where more than 400 students are studying, was also requested to sensitize the school children about the nuisance of wastes and cut down on junk food consumptions besides refraining from throwing of plastic wrappers/pet bottles etc. by the footpaths and households after the school hours.

About 9 truckloads of non-biodegradable wastes were collected and transported to the designated landfill of the Dzongkhag. The wastes so collected comprises of mainly junk food plastics, pet bottles, tetra packs, beer cans & bottles, doma wrappers etc. These were found to be indiscriminately littered by the roadsides of the National Highway. The final day of the campaign was concluded with Mass Clean-up of the Bjimthangkha Township on 27.08.2022.

Considering the efforts being taken to clean up the above areas on a regular basis, it was found important to sensitize the general public, including initiating grassroots advocacy programs, to instill awareness, change their behavioural mindsets and inculcate a sense of responsibility for the benefit of common living environment. PHPA-I shall continue to carry out such campaigns besides observing the monthly ‘Zero Waste Hour’ and other environmental events.