Construction of Head Race Tunnel (HRT) from Adit-I & Adit-II

Out of 8.9 km of Head Race Tunnel, construction of 7.39 km HRT was awarded to M/s Gammon India Limited. To facilitate the construction of Head Race Tunnel in contract package MC-2, two adits, 7 m dia D-shaped having lengths of 281.0 m & 493.0 m respectively have been constructed. Adit-I & II meet the HRT at RD-2285 m & RD- 6225 m respectively. Adit –I has been constructed to facilitate the construction of HRT of 2,198.63 m upstream and 1,969.87 m downstream and Adit-II has been constructed to facilitate the construction of HRT of 1,969.87 m upstream and 1,253.00 m downstream, which joins the balance Head Race Tunnel under package MC-3. Development of portal and excavation of Adit-I & II has been completed on November 27, 2009 & January, 2010 respectively.

Work Completion 

The construction of the Head Race Tunnel has been completed in all respect on June 30, 2015. The joint inspection of HRT was conducted by a committee comprising of representatives from RGoB, nominated by DHPS, Ministry of Economic Affairs, RGoB; Consultants (WAPCOS) and PHPA-I in August 2015. All the rectifications and observations suggested by the Committees during the joint inspection have been attended and completed in all respects.

The Contract was closed in March 2021.