June 2, 2021: Social Forestry Day

The Management of PHPA-I along with the EICs and Heads of Circles and Divisions commemorated the 2nd June Social Forestry Day by planting 250 fruit saplings near this Executive Hostel and on the sides of the road between E and F type buildings. The fruit species planted are Guava (imported pink and white varieties), Pear, Peach, Avocado, Persimmon, Lime, Walnut, Pomelo, Humpa, Passion fruit, Orange (imported), Chestnut, etc.

The Managing Director in his address to the gathering of 30 participants of Senior Officials emphasized the importance of greenery and the blessings due to fruit-bearing trees. He encouraged everyone to provide due care and attention to these fruit saplings so that the fruits would immensely benefit both the humans and the animals including different species of birds in the area.

Hon’ble MD said that on this day in 1974, the Bhutanese people celebrated the Coronation of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. Since 1985, Coronation Day is also declared as Social Forestry day and widely celebrated to encourage tree plantation. “I am personally thrilled to be able to participate in the plantation activity at Bjimthangkha for the third consecutive years, and we can see the changes already that this otherwise barren area is beginning to appear lush green”, stated the MD.

The Management also commended the good works done by the Environment Circle and further encouraged them to continue the beautification of the project colony. M/s WAPCOS headed by their Chief Project Director also planted fruit saplings of various species in front of their office at Bjimthangkha. The Officials of M/s WAPCOS said that these fruit trees will be tended with personal care and ensure 100% survival.

The Security Circle planted additional 70 tree saplings by the Archery range to commemorate the Day. The Joint Managing Director commended the good teamwork in the plantation by various Circles and Divisions. He talked about an analogy where the life-giving Oxygen was so crucial amid the Covid pandemic in our neighboring countries that we should continually strive toward greening and plantations of more and more trees for life-giving oxygen.

The Director Finance and Director Technical also touched on the importance to rehabilitate the muck disposal sites, and encourage the Project staff to plant more trees. PHPA-I provided 400 numbers of saplings of various ornamental trees to the College of Natural Resources (CNR) to help them commemorate Social Forestry Day. The Project’s activity of Compensatory afforestation, avenue plantations, and activities like today’s plantations would contribute in however small measures to Bhutan’s commitment to upholding the constitutional mandate of 60% forest cover for all times to come.