Punatshangchhu-I Hydroelectric Project Authority

Receipt & Payment as on 30.11.2021

Particular Upto Previous month During the month (Oct-Nov.) Total Cumulative
SWF Remittances                      30,127,886.00     466,000.00        30,593,886.00
Interest earned                        2,009,160.88         18,949.28              2,028,110.16
Total Receipt                       32,137,046.88      484,949.28            32,621,996.16
Welfare Grant released                     23,140,000.00        90,000.00         23,230,000.00
Refund to SWF members                        2,091,064.50          30,175.00              2,121,239.50
Bank Charges                                  2,620.00                       2,620.00
Contribution to Wangdue Dratshang towards purchase of Mask                           284,868.00                 284,868.00
Contribution toward installation of Mani Dungkhor at Bajo Town                            100,000.00                 100,000.00
Donation towards Tendrel Initiative                             250,000.00                 250,000.00
Contribution for offering tshog at the Kuenray, Wangdue Dzong                               82,720.00                     82,720.00
Guru Drakmar Drubchen                           350,000.00                 350,000.00
Contribution towards Moenlam Chenmo, Punakha                            100,000.00                 100,000.00
Honorarium                              53,000.00                    53,000.00
SWF Picnic expenditure                            972,477.00                  972,477.00
Misc. expenses                               39,720.00                    39,720.00
Total Payment                     27,466,469.50           27,586,644.50
Fixed Deposit for 3 yrs @ 8% with BDBL w.e.f 12/05/2021          2,500,000.00
Balance Fund              2,535,351.66
Bank Account Bank Balance as on date
BoB, Wangdue A/c. 101986394                          2,535,351.66
Un encash cheque
Closing Bank Balance as per the Bank Statment                          2,535,351.66
Following decisions are taken as per the Committee Meeting

1. PHPA-I/SWCM/01/2018 dated 24.05.2018

a. SWF will be used solely for SEMSO and will not be used for donations and any other activities.
b. Based on the discussion held on the need, an increase of SWF amount by at lease Nu. 10,000/- from the current admissible amount, it was decided to put in the next meeting after a detailed analysis by the Secretary and Treasurer of the future Fun flow.
c. It was decided that no loan will be paid from the welfare fund.
d.  The inclusion of the consolidated staff in the welfare was ruled out in view of the amount of pay they receive.
e. It was decided to have simple accounting software for convenience and reliable record-keeping, which will be outsourced at minimum cost. It is to be explored and discussed in the next meeting.

2.  PHPA-I/SWCM/02/2018 dated 31.07.2018
a. Decided to increase SEMSO with Nu. 10,000.00 to the existing semso.

b. It was decided that the treasurer shall make disbursement of semso with an endorsement of the Secretary.
c. Fund position will be uploaded quarterly in the PHPA-I website.
d. Ex-PHPA-I employees who are members of SWF and fail to make the monthly contribution for 3 continuous months shall no longer be a member of SWF.
e. PHPA-I employees who have availed SEMSO shall not be permitted to withdraw membership of SWF till the time they are in the service of PHPA-I