11 August 2021: Project’s 2nd Consultative Meeting with the Public Accounts Committee of the  Parliament of Bhutan.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament of Bhutan along with officials from the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) held its 2nd consultative meeting with the Project Management at the Project site on 11.08.2021. The meeting was aimed to gather updates and review the unresolved audit issues of PHPA-I as reported to the Parliament in the Annual Audit Report 2020, and its 1st consultative meeting was held on 28.04.2021.

The Hon’ble Committee discussed the outstanding paras in detail and provided necessary guidance besides resolving some of the outstanding paras based on the submissions made by PHPA-I and on the endorsement of RAA. The PAC was accompanied by a team from RAA led by Mr. Minjur Dorji, Deputy Auditor General.